At Munkybuns Sock Toys, we make friends...and smiles.

My kids taught me that it is possible to love a stuffed toy as much as it is possible to love anything or anyone else, so I take great pleasure in knowing that I am creating love for others. Sending them across the globe is the cherry on the sundae.


My name is Cherie, and i am (lovingly) known as the "crazy monkey lady". This is a title I respectfully accept as mine, and I love whenever someone uses it. I have been an artist my entire life. I have been a florist, a graphic designer, a musician and a fine artist...and now, i make sock creatures. they are my hobby, my past time and now, thankfull, my monkey business.


Since beginning my monkey venture in November of 2009, I have made monkeys for any and all occasions, celebrations and events. I have made sock monkeys for newborns, seniors, corporations, small businesses and everyone in between! I have made zombies, babies, characters, soldiers, wizards and the best simple, traditional monkeys available, just to name a few. I love what I do, and I make sure that is reflected in my work.

With well over 2,500 pairs of socks in sock, I have something for any occasion or style of monkey. Why not see if I have something for you?


As anyone who knows me knows, I am a bit of a zany person. I suppose I need to be to do what I do! But I pour my heart and soul into my business. The fact that I get to do it from home, and raise my kids, and spend time with my husband while I do it? That's just my dream come true.


Thank you for taking a look inside my monkey business. I hope you find something you love.


Sincerely, Cherie Michels


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rock and roll sock monkey, sock monkey with baby